• Based on the traditional art of creating "tsuma" and "katsura muki" which requires many years of training, the HNK-25A cuts vegetables along the radial surface, creating perfectly sliced long, thin sheets, or noodle shaped vegetables.

  • Perfectly ideal for long stemmed vegetables, the OHC-50A slices through bunches of long stalks in less than one minute. Slices can be made to 1mm, 2mm, and 4mm thicknesses.

  • The perfect cabbage slicing machine. After cabbage is cut in half and its core removed, it can be loaded into the unit. After loading and turning on, the cabbage will automatically be fed into the machine. Approximate cutting time for one head of cabbage is 3 mins.

  • This is a high speed grade-up cabbage slicer of model RCS-60A which equipped with a drum that can slice 4~5 heads of cabbages per each time. The cutting blade is 170mm and durable for long hour use.




Will cut tsuma to serve 100 person in a matter of 5 minutes. Katsura cutting by hand requires years of training but this machine will do the job instantly. Very popular for use in high class restaurants, tourist inn, wedding halls, hotels, sushi bars, caterer’s shops, etc. Will cut 1kg per minute.

All units can cut any type of vegetable. However, for best results, it is recommended that the specific vegetable types indicated for each unit be used.
Model HNK-25A
Watts 90W
Weight 5.8kgs.
Dimensions 12.5" x 13.3" x 9.3" (W320 x L339 x H237mm)
Vegetable Type Root structured
Approximate cutting time 5  secs per prepared piece
Slice Thickness Tsuma (long sheet): 4.3" (110mm) x .03" (1mm) x desired length 
KatsuraMuki (noodle): .03" (1mm) x .03" (1mm) x desired length

*Price includes one year limited warranty. Tax applies only to purchasers within the states of CA and IL. *For more information, please contact us.